provides the leading web based (100% online) training and certification programs for sales and customer service reps in various consumer focused industries. currently serves the Consumer Debt Relief industry (IAPDA), the Vehicle Service Contract industry (ACVPP & VPA) and the Student Loan Consolidation industry (AFSLR), its impact on the success of an industry and its organizations is significant. Bringing each industry’s sales and customer service consultants to a minimum standard of excellence, customer protection and product knowledge. has over 17 years experience helping associations and companies achieve success with their leading training and certification initiatives with over 5000 certified. Trade Associations and Companies of all sizes can be assured their corporate and industry specific training and certification programs will be successful when they partner with

Training and Certification is a standardized method for evaluating employee knowledge and providing measurable results that can be tied to development plans and business objectives.

Participating companies enjoy enhanced credibility and national recognition with their Accredited Service Center status. knows that the success of an industry’s business participants depends upon their most important asset – their employees.



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