The Blacklist Alliance

The Blacklist Alliance

The Blacklist Alliance is an association of marketing companies, call centers, debt collectors, lead generators, and other organizations that are vulnerable to groundless class action lawsuits brought under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

As many companies that contact consumers are painfully aware, the TCPA is a woefully outdated law passed in 1991 with the goal of protecting people from unwanted autodialed or prerecorded telemarketing calls.  Although originally well-intentioned, the law has since morphed into a vehicle for trial lawyers seeking to score big paydays filing malicious lawsuits. In fact, TCPA litigation has exploded, up 560% between 2010 and 2014.

Huge, multimillion dollar settlements have been extracted from large corporations seeking to maintain contact with their customers, but large companies are far from the only victims.  Over 95% of the thousands of TCPA lawsuits filed every year are aimed at small to medium sized businesses, many of which cannot afford the cost of defending them.  Faced with imminent closure, these companies have no choice but to pay the onerous settlements demanded by the lawyers, or to shut their doors.

These are the companies that the Blacklist Alliance was created to protect.  Our mission is simple: to protect our members from TCPA extortion.  We do this by assembling extensive lists of the numbers of militant attorneys and professional plaintiffs to scrub against, and offer free legal advice and reduced legal fees for our members.


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