Message from our President Written by on May 1, 2017

Welcome to the website for the 2017 Annual Conference of the Association For Student Loan Relief.  We appreciate your support and sincerely hope you can attend.   We continue to witness a dramatic growth in the number of companies providing assistance to consumers struggling with student loan debt.   Since its inception in 2013, I am proud to report that the AFSLR continues to be a leading source for current and timely education and information for its members who seek to help over-burdened student loan debtors find a better way.

We intend this conference to be educational and we intend this Association to be helpful as a tool to share education and best practices, along with member and consumer information.  We see a dramatic need and demand by consumers who need help with their student loans, and we believe that such assistance should be provided in an ethical, responsible and fair manner.  While companies, especially our attendees, will offer different types of services, our conference will focus on educating everyone on options available to deliver such services with a framework focused on consumer protection.  Whether you are an experienced company, industry startup, interested in entering the industry, vendor or regulator, we welcome you to learn and share.

We are lining up some great, in-the-industry speakers for this conference, and are designing an agenda that is both introductory to student loan programs, and more advanced for companies seeking compliance and regulatory guidance.  We are especially thankful for the support and information we have received from different government agencies and consumer protection groups who expressed enthusiasm about this event. 

Our goal for this conference is education.  It takes a lot of planning and effort to effectuate a successful conference and we ask for your assistance in recognizing our conference organizers, supporting vendors, and productively networking and interacting with our presenters, attendees and vendors.  We can’t tell you how to run your business or provide business or legal advice. But we can provide a forum for you to receive and exchange ideas and take back useful information.


Robby H. Birnbaum, President AFSLR
Greenspoon Marder, Title Sponsor